Frank called Wyoming home from birth until joining the United States Navy in 1971. Following a 35 year Navy career he and his wife, Connie, retired to the life of full-time RVers. They traveled around the United States and Canada. In the six years that followed they visited all but four states in the Continental United States including Alaska. They also visited several Canadian Provinces.

In 2012 the couple settled down, sort of, in the Central Texas community of Kyle. Now, they spend the fall and winter months in Kyle while spending the shoulder seasons traveling. Their summers were spent in Yellowstone National Park as volunteer campground hosts.  Following the 2018 summer and autumn season, they left their volunteer position in Yellowstone in hopes to do more travel independent of the extended time commitment Yellowstone had come to represent.

A series of family commitments in 2019 kept the couple away from home almost as long as their positions in Yellowstone had in previous years.  2020 was, as the entire world knows not a year to be traveling.  However, Frank was able to use his ample at-home time working to improve his skills as a photographer and as a photo processor.

During the couple’s travels, Frank refined his photography skills and focus  He now specializes in wildlife and nature photography. Frank is committed to conservation and wants his images to illustrate what is at risk if we do not protect our environment.  Through his photography, he hopes to help send the message that as a species we need to take care of the planet.

In 2022, the Madia family relocated to North Carolina. Since then, they have traveled to Europe, The Galapagos Islands, and Eastern Canada. They plan to travel much more in the years to come. Of course, Frank never leaves home without his cameras. It is his hope to keep this site growing as his portfolio of images continues to expand.

In parallel with creating the original version of this website, Frank also joined Fine Art America and Pixels.com as a contributor with the hope of selling some of his images.  Early in 2018, Frank decided to concentrate more on photography and less on selling his images.  He continues to share his work for others to view on this site.

This site used to have purchase buttons associated with images that could be purchased via Fine Art America.  Those buttons have been removed.  In place of individual purchase buttons, there is a single link to Frank’s page on Pixels.com on our Home Page.  This move was made to reinforce Frank’s position to not monetize this project.  While he will continue to make many of his images available for purchase, he is doing so only so that he can provide a way for people who desire a photo for their home or office a means to get one.  Frank has no desire to be in the photographic sales business but does need to protect his copyright so his images are not used in ways he does not agree with.

Frank’s thoughts and impressions can be gleaned by reading On the Road With Frank, a blog contained here as well.

It is my intention to present – through the medium of photography – intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators.

Ansel Adams – Photographer

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