Insects to include butterflies, bees, dragonflies, etc.

2020 07 02 Bumblebee Pollinating Sage in the backyard-2612

Bumblebee on Sage

Bumblebee on Sage 2 – I took a lot of photos of this Bumblebee as it worked its way around the yard. It seemed to me to be a laborious task for the little creature to visit so many flower blossoms and scoop up all the pollen it could carry. But that is exactly how

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2020 07 02 Bumblebee Pollinating Sage in the backyard-2575

Bumblebee on Sage

Bumblebee on Sage – One of the many wonderful facts about having one’s yard reflect the natural habitat of the area is that it then attracts many different species of wildlife. We have been so lucky to have Bumblebees enjoy nectaring on our Texas Sage, Salvi greggii, since we first installed it. I have always

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2020 06 10 Checkered Setwing Dragonfly in the Backyard-2449

Checkered Setwing

Checkered Setwing – This is a dragonfly from the Skimmer Family. We frequently see these wonderful creatures hanging around the native plants in our yard. They are hard to catch in flight, but regularly they land on the ends of plants. This one spent several minutes on the very end of a small tree branch

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Fritillary – I was amazed at how cooperative this creature was.  It let me get right over it to capture this image.  I found this fritillary along the Big Horn trail just west of Indian Creek Campground in Yellowstone National Park.  You nor I have lost our minds.  This is not a bird.  However, this

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