Small Mammals

Mamma Chipmunk

Mamma Chipmunk – While John, my brother, and I were searching in desperation for more Pica, I kept seeing this chipmunk darting in and out of my field of view.  Feeling that she must want to be famous, I finally succumbed and started photographing her.  We were at the parking lot for Medicine Wheel in

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Pica – While spending a few days with my brother and his family in Sheridan, Wyoming, we took day trips into the Big Horn Mountains for some photography opportunities.  My brother, John, enjoys finding and photographing Pica.  On this trip, we were determined to find some of these little critters and make some photographs.  We

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Looking For Dinner.

Looking For Dinner – This female Yellow-bellied Marmot wandered all over the Sheepeater Cliff Picnic Area looking for dinner.  She seemed to pay little attention to all the people who were watching and photographing her.  She was on a mission for sure.  She had many a photographer backing up to keep a respectable distance from

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