Sunrises and Sunsets

A Mammoth Sunrise

A Mammoth Sunrise – Each day offers a new opportunity to capture another sunrise.  The sunrises in the Mammoth area of Yellowstone National Park can be spectacular. This is a classic example of a typical sight that early risers start their day experiencing.

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Sunset Over Yellowstone Lake

Sunset Over Yellowstone Lake – Each day brings a new opportunity to capture a different sunset.  There are nearly endless vistas that on different evenings during differing parts of the year provide wonderful and even breathtaking sunsets. Rimmed by mountains, Yellowstone Lake can add depth and texture to whatever the atmospheric conditions are resulting in

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2011 04 29 Sunset at Big Bend National Park DSC_0006

Big Bend Sunset

Big Bend Sunset – There is little that can be said about this image that the image doesn’t say for itself.  This was certainly one of those right place right time situations.  We had gone to dinner and of course, I had my camera with me.  As we were leaving the restaurant the sun was

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2011 01 28 Sunset in Southeast Georgia Miller's House DSC_0054

Georgia Sunset

Georgia Sunset – It pays to have great friends who live on the marsh.  This photograph was made from the backyard of just that sort of a friend.  We were driving nearby when I noticed that the sunset was going to be pretty exceptional, so we headed straight for their house uninvited.  Upon our arrival,

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