Gibbon River

Sunlight on the Ripples

Sunlight on the Ripples –  As the Gibbon River makes its way to Virginia Cascade, the sunlight sparkles on the ripples.  On this day, there were several other visitors in the area.  All seemed respectful of one another’s space. I found it very peaceful to just stand and enjoy the calm.  The sparkling of the […]

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2016 07 03 Gibbon River Upstream of Virginia Cascades 88

Gibbon River in the Sun

Gibbon River in the Sun – On the road between Norris Junction and Canyon Junction is a turn-off to the road leading to Virginia Cascades.  Virginia Cascades is a geologic feature where the Gibbon River flows over a steep rock formation.  A cascade is not a waterfall in that the flow of the water stays

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