Hays County

Bright Bluebonnets

Bright Bluebonnets – I was pleased with the richness of the colors in this brightly lighted image.  I think Bright Bluebonnets is a fitting name for the photograph.


Bluebonnets – As I moved around the fields, I made several photographs trying to get just the foreground in focus, and then the entire field of view.  It was a struggle due to exposure times changing.  My hope is that I was able to make photographs that will appeal to different desires.

2016 03 27 Wildflowers Northern Hays County Texas 009

Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnets – On a single afternoon’s drive within five miles of our house, I encountered countless fields of Texas Bluebonnets.  It is very difficult to do these large fields justice.

Texas Bluebonnets Up Close

Texas Bluebonnets Up Close – Spring in Central Texas means plenty of Texas Bluebonnets will be seen in large and small fields throughout the area.  Sometimes a single plant is all that is needed to make a scene.

Texas Bluebonnets in the Sun

Texas Bluebonnets in the Sun – Texas Bluebonnets in the sun are always more brilliant and appealing to the passer-by.  As soon as the grasses start to grow in the spring the roadside mowers try to get all the right of ways mowed pretty short.  Then, when the wildflowers come up they can stay ahead …

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