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2015 04 20 Spring Wildflowers TX Hill Country DSC_0868

Spring Wildflowers

Spring Wildflowers in the Texas Hill Country can be spectacular.  How spectacular is somewhat dependent upon how much rain the area receives in the fall and winter.  This past fall and winter were fairly wet for Texas standards. Therefore, we had a pretty wonderful crop of wildflowers this spring.

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2015 04 20 Green Thread TX Hill Country DSC_0832

Greenthread A Group

Greenthread – Thelsperma filifolium – This Texas Hill Country beauty appears in large groups or as individual flowers.  It seems that during each of the four springs we have witnessed in Central Texas this flower has been abundant.  This year was an exceptionally good year for them.  They seem to be everywhere. However, one has

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2015 04 20 Mealy Sage TX Hill Country DSC_0854

Mealy Sage

Mealy Sage – Salvia farinacea- A remarkable wildflower found in the Texas Hill Country.  The petals on this flower have a hairy appearance when examined up close.  There has been an abundance of these beautiful flowers this spring due to the fall and winter moisture we received.  I made this photograph in a field near

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2015 04 20 Texas Paintbrush TX Hill Country DSC_0855

Lone Texas Paintbrush

Lone Texas Paintbrush – Castilleja indivisa – Although there were ample examples of Texas Paintbrush in bunches, this lone flower was particularly attractive.  I found it in a field along FM 1626 near the Kyle campus of Austin Community College.  We were fortunate to have a great crop of wildflowers this spring.

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2015 04 20 Texas Paintbrush TX Hill Country DSC_0859

Texas Paintbrush

Texas Paintbrush – Castilleja indivisa –  in a field near Kyle, Texas.  This spring was a particularly good spring for wildflowers in the Texas Hill Country.  The area had received a good deal of fall and early winter rains which made for a very colorful spring.  My problem was that I found myself so busy

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