Kodachrome Basin State Park

Sandstone Mound With Tree

Sandstone Mound With Tree – In Kodachrome Basin State Park we found many examples of  sandstone features which have been softened by the constant attack of wind and water.  The result is a rounding of what remains of the feature.  Nature’s work on display.

Sandstone Mound

Sandstone Mound at Kodachrome Basin State Park – There are several holes worn into the mound that likely came from small stones tumbling around while the mound was under some prehistoric sea or lake.

2015 05 19 Tangled Tree Kodachrome Basin State Park Utah DSC_2105

The Rest of the Tree

The rest of the Tree – The rest of the tree with the weathered trunk.  Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah.  This state park is a great place to go for photography,  as its name suggests.

Weathered Tree Trunk

Weathered Tree Trunk – This weathered tree trunk gives one some insight into the harsh conditions that exist in this area.  The tree, seen in another image does quite well even though the trunk seems so barren.

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