Sunset Over Yellowstone Lake

Sunset Over Yellowstone Lake – Each day brings a new opportunity to capture a different sunset. ┬áThere are nearly endless vistas that on different evenings during differing parts of the year provide wonderful and even breathtaking sunsets. Rimmed by mountains, Yellowstone Lake can add depth and texture to whatever the atmospheric conditions are resulting in …

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Green Heron 2

Green Heron 2 – Green Heron stalking through a pond at Spring Lake, part of Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Texas.

2011 06 06 Yellowstone Lake Partial Thaw DSC-0003

Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake – Yellowstone Lake during the spring thaw. This was our first look at the lake on our first day in the park as volunteers.  This photo was made in early June of 2011.  The ice on the lake extends to just a few hundred yards from the beach.

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