Large Mammals

Bull Moose at Tie Flume Campground Another Look

While spending a few days with my brother and his family in Sheridan, Wyoming, we took day trips into the Big Horn Mountains for some photography opportunities.  While cruising through the Tie Flume Campground we spotted this bull moose enjoying a late afternoon snack and a drink of water.

Pronghorn Fawns Kicking Up Their Heels

Pronghorn Fawns Kicking Up Their Heels – These Pronghorn fawns kicking up their heels as they appeared to be playing.  Likely their play has as much to do with training their muscles and bodies for a life on the run.

What Do You want?

What You Want? – As we continued to watch, he gave us the “What you want?” look.  He was really great at posing.  I enjoyed the time spent with him a lot.

Are You Looking at Me?

You Looking at Me? – This Pronghorn Buck kept us watching for quite some time.  In this image, it was as though he was thinking, “You looking at me?”  We were near Stevens Creek in Yellowstone National Park.

Pronghorn Buck

Pronghorn Buck – I found this Pronghorn buck grazing along Old Yellowstone Road north of Gardiner, Montana.  He seemed to not be paying much attention to us at all as he ate the lush grasses of June.  Yellowstone National Park.

Elk Calf Alongside the Road

Elk Calf Alongside the Road – While it isn’t uncommon to see an elk calf alongside the road anywhere in the Yellowstone Ecosystem, it did seem odd that we were unable to determine which of the several elk cows might be the calf’s mother.  None seemed to be that close nor paying that much attention. …

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Elk Calf

Elk Calf – We found this very young elk calf on an afternoon drive along the Old Yellowstone Road north of Gardiner, Montana and just outside the boundary of Yellowstone National Park.

Too Beautiful

Too Beautiful – We watched these two beautiful wild horses for several minutes as they interacted with one another, before disappearing over the rise.  This image was made outside Rock Springs, Wyoming.

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