Large Mammals

So Long

So Long – As they started to run off they were saying, “So long.”  Well, not really, but they were done watching to see what we would do.  We only wanted more photographs.

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We See You

We See You – These two wild horses looked at us as though to say, “We see you.”  They were located north of Rock Springs, Wyoming, and were part of a larger herd that was much further away.  They stood and looked at us for only seconds before deciding to take off over the hill.

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Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep – Two of the five or six rams that were making their way from the west to the east along the Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park in the fall.  In early June I observed this same group of rams moving to the west about two miles from the location where this image was

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Bull Elk

Bull Elk – A bull elk roaming through Mammoth Campground looking for members of his harem.  He wasn’t in the best of moods and had me backing up. The elk mating season or rut as it is called extends from mid-September to well into October.  During this time the bulls are much more aggressive towards one

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2014 06 25 Cinnamon Colored Black Bear ICCG YNP DSC_0107

Cinnamon Black Bear

Cinnamon Black Bear – Cinnamon Colored Black Bear Near Indian Creek Campground, Yellowstone National Park. I am frequently asked just how close I was to this bear to get this image. Yellowstone National Park policy requires visitors to get no closer than 100 yards from bears and wolves.  Additionally, there is a federal government requirement in

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