Another Paintbrush

Paintbrush flowers come in a variety of colors.  Some are nearly white while others get to be a brilliant red.  Many around our home in Central Texas are more of a coral color.  In Wyoming, I have seen pretty much the full spectrum of colors. This one is a great example of just how red

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2017 07 24 Lily Pads and Wild Flowers in the Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming019

Paintbrush 2

Paintbrush 2 – I have this thing for Paintbrush flowers.  I think this was one of the first wildflowers I fell in love with as a teenager working on a guest ranch in Wyoming.  It was during that period of my life that I began paying attention to the environmental details that surrounded me. So,

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Paintbrush Forever

Paint Brush Forever – It seemed as though the Paintbrush went forever.  While that is not quite accurate, the field was about an eighth of a mile long and easily as wide.  While not completely covering the ground, there seemed to be Paintbrush forever.  I captured this image not far from my home in Kyle,

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Spring in Central Texas

Spring in Central Texas – There just are not enough photograph titles to distinguish between one field of Paintbrush and another.  Since I am fearful that there may be no more opportunities to photograph this specific field I decided that Spring in Central Texas would be a less emotional title.  I made several images of

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Paintbrush by the Thousands

Paintbrush by the Thousands – This field had Paintbrush by the thousands.  However, as the development of the property continues, it will not be long before all these beautiful flowers are replaced by buildings.  It is my hope that I will be able to photograph the brilliant blossoms at least one more spring before they

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