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Wild Horse With an Itch

Wild Horse With an Itch – We watched this horse graze for several minutes.  Then, without warning, she got down on the ground and started rolling around and rubbing her back into the ground.  Apparently, she was a wild horse with an itch.

Please Scratch My Tummy

Please Scratch My Tummy –  While it certainly isn’t true, it sure looked like she was at least thinking something like, “please scratch my tummy”.  She was on the ground for just a few minutes and once up again, she was on the move and in just a few more minutes she and the herd …

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Wild Horse

Wild Horse –  In this close shot, it is easy to see that the mane on this beautiful animal is tangled and filled with burrs.  How better to illustrate the wildness of this wild horse.

The Joy of Nature

The Joy of Nature – I enjoy getting out and seeing different things in nature.  The joy of nature lifts my spirit whenever I am out in it.  These animals represent what is right about our public lands.

Grazing Wild Horse

Grazing Wild Horse – The herd of wild horses we came upon kept on the move as they grazed.  This grazing wild horse seemed to not be fearful of humans in the least.  She stayed closer to us than did any of the others. Therefore, she got photographed the most.

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