Plum Creek Development

Northern Mockingbird

Northern Mockingbird – Even though the sun was bright, it was a windy and chilly afternoon in Kyle, Texas when I watched this Northern Mockingbird flying around near the retention ponds in our neighborhood.  It finally landed and gave me a few minutes to get a few good images.  I don’t always find the Northern …

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Resting Northern Mockingbird

Resting Northern Mockingbird – While on a walk around the retention ponds in our neighborhood, I came across this resting Mockingbird.  It had flown around for a while and then landed on a tree branch. Apparently, it needed the rest, because the longer it was perched, the more it became one with the branch.

Loggerhead Shrike Posing

Loggerhead Shrike Posing – This Loggerhead Shrike gave me one pose after another.  I particularly liked the eye on this particular image.  This image was made in our neighborhood, thus proving one does not necessarily have to travel far to find good habitat and interesting subjects to photograph.

Loggerhead Shrike

Loggerhead Shrike – On a walk around the retention ponds in the Plum Creek development in Kyle, TX we saw this Loggerhead Shrike among several other species of birds.

2013 04 30 Blue-eyed Grass in Vacant Lot behind our house Kyle, TX DSC_0078

Blue-eyed Grass

Blue-eyed Grass – This small blossomed flower appears in open fields.  They are usually found in great abundance.  However, this image was captured in a vacant lot where only several individual flowers appeared.  While this image leads one to believe that the blossom may be fairly large, the truth is it measures only about a …

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