Rock Springs

Too Beautiful

Too Beautiful – We watched these two beautiful wild horses for several minutes as they interacted with one another, before disappearing over the rise.  This image was made outside Rock Springs, Wyoming.

You Will Never Catch Us

You Will Never Catch Us – As these two wild horses continued up the hill they may have been thinking, “You will never catch us”.  Of course we were not trying to chase them with anything other than the business end of a camera while we were standing still.

So Long

So Long – As they started to run off they were saying, “So long.”  Well, not really, but they were done watching to see what we would do.  We only wanted more photographs.

We See You

We See You – These two wild horses looked at us as though to say, “We see you.”  They were located north of Rock Springs, Wyoming, and were part of a larger herd that was much further away.  They stood and looked at us for only seconds before deciding to take off over the hill.

We Will Be Over The Hill In A Few Seconds

We will be over the hill in a few seconds.  While viewing wild horsed outside Rock Springs, Wyoming this pair teased us a bit by giving a few poses before taking off over the hill.

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