Big Bend Sunset

2011 04 29 Sunset at Big Bend National Park DSC_0006

Big Bend Sunset – There is little that can be said about this image that the image doesn’t say for itself.  This was certainly one of those right place right time situations.  We had gone to dinner and of course, I had my camera with me.  As we were leaving the restaurant the sun was just beginning to set.  The sky was turning this beautiful orange, so I started making photographs.  Several minutes into the show I made this photo while the sunset was at its peak brilliance with few distractions in the scene.  Many people have asked me if I adjusted this image in any way.  The answer is a strong no.  As has been my practice for several years, I try very hard to capture the image I see through the viewfinder with the camera’s settings thereby eliminating the need for any post-production adjustments.  I have thrown out hundreds of what others would call salvageable images, but that is the way I am.

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