Bumblebee Just Arrived At A New Flower

2020 07 02 Bumblebee Pollinating Sage in the backyard-2644

Bumblebee Just Arrived At A New Flower – This is a good example of a Bumblebee showing summing all the previous images in this series. The head can be seen making the previous image that much more impressive. The glob of pollen on its hip is quite obvious as well. I had to crop this entire series of images in order to isolate the bee. I have a long-standing practice of doing all I can to minimize my impact on the behavior of the subjects of my photographs. I could probably get closer to these Bumblebees, but I am uncertain how close is too close. Bees have a hard enough life without people like me with cameras flushing them off of a blossom full of pollen.

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