Galapagos Flycatcher 3

Galapagos Flycatcher 3 - I see you.

I struggled to decide which photos of this wonderful little bird to post here. My selections reflect my desire to present images that serve three purposes.

Provide images that can be used to help others identify the species when they see it. That would be the citizen scientist in me.

Images that show the bird behaving in its natural ways are sometimes difficult, especially for flycatchers. I have never been successful at freezing a flycatcher catching a flying insect.

Finally, the most important is to present the beauty of nature.

This bird confirmed our non-scientific theory that Galapagos Flycatchers like people. He followed along with us until we lost interest in taking his picture.

I was reminded of our volunteer days in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Visitors frequently asked when the water to Old Faithful was turned off at night. We jokingly made similar statements regarding the “invisible tethers” that kept these birds close to the trail. Our statements were meant in jest.

I could have spent the entire morning watching and photographing this beautiful bird.

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