Galapagos Flycatcher 2

Galapagos Flycatcher 2

This Galapagos Flycatcher brought such joy to the faces of our entire group because he was as interested in us as we were in him.

My portfolio has many photographs of birds. I do not think I have ever had as much fun taking photos of any Flycatcher as I did with this fellow.

It is thought that these birds are attracted to the glare of phone screens. This would help explain why they come so close to humans. I would like to think they feel safe. During their lifespan, the humans they see are not threats to them and their environment. Perhaps someone should study that theory sometime.

Anyone who knows me knows I try to capture large or small animals in their natural habitat without humans in the scene. I violated that rule during this hike, but I posted those pictures on my Facebook page rather than here.

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