Galapagos Giant Tortoise – The Face

Galapagos Giant Tortoise - The Face

This photo shows the face of a Galapagos Giant Tortoise up close.

I chose to include this photograph because it adds personality to this wonderful animal. More importantly, this image provides many details worth noting.

I was impressed by the large nostrils. I assumed that, like other animals, the tortoise uses the nose to smell and breathe. However, they have smell sensors in the forelegs that help them identify food.

This image also highlights the size and clarity of the eye. Remember, this fellow is well over 100 years old. I wish my 70+-year-old eyes had that clarity in appearance.

The wrinkles in his neck are not age-related. The neck of a giant tortoise can stretch out several inches up to a few feet. When retracted close to the body as this one was all that skin has to collapse into wrinkles.

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