Galapagos Sally Lightfoot Crab Santiago Island

Galapagos Sally Lightfoot Crab Santiago Island

Another animal species unique to the Galapagos Islands is the Galapagos Sally Lightfoot Crab. There are different species of Lightfoot Crabs all along the west coast of the Americas. Those that exist in the waters and beaches of the Galapagos are a different species and unique to the islands.

We saw these agile creatures on most of the islands we visited. They offered some photographic challenges in that they are quick to move if they spot a food item or are spooked by movement nearby.

There are three photos in this series taken over a two-day period. It should be noted for all the photographers out there that I cropped all three photos to bring the crab closer to the eye. There were two reasons I needed to crop. The more important one was that I had the wrong lens/camera combination.

Our visit to The Galapagos Islands was made via a plane ride from the mainland of Ecuador to Baltra Island. From there, we took a ferry to Santa Cruz Island. While on Santa Cruz Island, we traveled by bus. Ultimately, we met our ship, The Isabela II, off Puerto Ayora.

To visit the other islands, we boarded rigid-bottomed inflatable boats and made wet or dry landings on the beaches. There was very little difference between the two landing types. When we left the Isabella II for each excursion, we had to have with us everything we thought we would need. Without proper protection, I didn’t want to make lens changes in the rain or on sandy beaches. So, most days, I carried two camera bodies with a range of focal lengths from 24mm to 400mm. I can also double those focal lengths via internal electronic adjustments.

To protect my cameras, I carried them in a dry bag, usually inside my backpack. Some days, I only took one camera and one lens. As Murphey’s Law would predict, I always had the wrong lashup on those days. Worse, I didn’t always take advantage of the internal doubler feature. The good news: I got some great photographs on this trip. I didn’t ruin any of my equipment (well, there is this issue with my phone, but…). The bad news: I was forced to do a little more in the way of post-production editing than I prefer to.

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