Pencil Sea Urchin Remains

Pencil Urchin Remains

We were introduced to many endemic species while on the Galapagos Islands and the surrounding waters. The Pencil Sea Urchin was among them.

The endemic variety of the Pencil Urchin is Euidarisgalapapagensis. The Pencil Urchin is pretty widespread, with several other subspecies around the planet. Like most living things in nature, it plays an important role in the oceans’ biodiversity.

With that introduction, I am sorry to have not been able to photograph a living Pencil Urchin. The only live samples I saw were through the glass-bottom boat. I had difficulty photographing anything from that platform primarily because I had no control over its movement.

Pencil Sea Urchins are preyed upon by Crabs, Sea Otters, Eels, and Sea Stars (Starfish), to name a few. Given where I found these remains, the more likely critter that got it would be a crab.

I do have some examples of photos through the bottom of the boat, but they are not my best work.

So, this is a photograph of the remains of a Pencil Sea Urchin. The cylindrical pieces were the spines that were sticking out from the body of the urchin. The body was about the size of a golf ball. Only a portion of the body was with the spines (pencils) when I found it.

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