Galapagos Small Ground Finch

Small Ground Finch. Santa Fe Island, Galapagos

We saw the Small Ground Finch on the first day of our Galapagos Islands tour. It would be day four before I could get a reasonable photograph.

The Small Ground Finch is one of fourteen species known as Darwin’s Finches. The species are identified primarily by their beaks’ size, shape, and purpose. This species is widespread across the Galapagos Islands and is common with a stable population.

The Small Ground Finch is the smallest of the Darwin Finches. Its beak is short and pointed, with a small downcurve.

Their diet consists of small seeds, flower buds, and parasites gleaned from both iguana species and the Giant Tortoise.

This is a male – Black with white-tipped undertail coverts. The female of this species is light brown.

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