Galapagos Yellow Warbler at the Santa Cruz Highlands

Galapagos Yellow Warbler

We were delighted to see a few birds while looking for Galapagos Giant Tortoises at the Santa Cruz Highlands.

We came across this Yellow Warbler while observing the tortoises. It wasn’t easy to decide which way to point my camera. I tried to get a good shot of birds and tortoises.

As with many birds we saw during our stay, this bird was not skittish around people. He posed quite nicely for me.

Studies have shown slight variations in the Yellow Warbler species based on each island.

Several species of finches are referred to as Darwin finches. Charles Darwin did a lot of work identifying and naming most finches found in the Galapagos. We saw several Finches during our five days on the islands. I could not get any publishable photos during our visit to Santa Cruz Island.

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