Clear View From The North Rim

2016 10 25 Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim Cape Royal 026

Clear View From The North Rim – Finally, a respectable image was made shooting into the Grand Canyon from the North Rim without any real haze. By now it was after 3:30 PM and the fog and haze had finally burned off enough to be able to see all the way across the canyon. The late sun provided excellent shadows that highlighted the rugged features of the canyon wall.  This image was made at the Cape Royal Overlook.

Our trips from Yellowstone National Park back to our home in Central Texas usually include stops at places we had never been or places we wanted to return to. In the fall of 2016, we decided to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. In late October, the downside of visiting this area is that nearly every concession operation in the park had already closed, or operations were significantly reduced. However, this same fact meant there were not a lot of other people making our visit more relaxing.

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