Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River


Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado- Arizona is famous for its many geographic features.  One that is a little less known, Horseshoe Bend, can be found between the Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry in the north-central part of the state. I became aware of this remarkable feature through our friends, Rick and Donna Dumar, who had a photograph hanging in their fifth-wheel trailer.

On our trip home in the fall of 2016, Connie and I made our way to northern Arizona to see some of the sites and to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Our choice of locations to serve as our home base for this period was a recreational park in Page, Arizona.  Horseshoe Bend is just a few miles out of town, so we made our way there late in the afternoon on our first day in the area. When we arrived at the parking area we were met with a pretty strong breeze.  Not wanting to get all my gear full of sand, I took just a camera with a wide-angle lens on the hike out to the river overlook.  As we approached the viewing area I was a bit surprised that there were no barriers keeping people from getting too close to the edge of the cliff.  That said, I got out there as close as I dared, which was too close for Connie who demanded that I step back.  Her concerns were many.  I suspect the primary concern was that I had the car keys.  Anyway, at one point while I was trying to steady myself against the wind and get the entire bend in the viewfinder without any distracting near side cliff edges, she was pulling on my belt loop.  Her pulls did not help my composition nor my balance much at all.

The above image is one of many I was able to make while being tugged at and not quite yelled at.

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