Galapagos Dove

Galapagos Dove, Santa Fe Island

While hiking on Santa Fe Island in the Galapagos, we were able to get up close to this Galapagos Dove.

This species has a few identifying details that set it apart from most other Dove species. The bill is longer and more curved than most other Doves. This adaptation makes picking up seeds from the ground easier and enhances the bird’s ability to pick at the flesh of various fruits.

The bright eye ring makes identification of this bird so much easier.

This species feeds on seeds and fruits from the ground.

Even though early visitors to the Galapagos Islands used the Galapagos Dove as a food source, this Dove is not particularly shy around humans. It can be seen perched on people’s hats.

While they are not easily flushed, when they are, they fly just a few feet from where they had been. If they are protecting a nest from predators, they will act injured to distract the predator.

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