Pica – While spending a few days with my brother and his family in Sheridan, Wyoming, we took day trips into the Big Horn Mountains for some photography opportunities.  My brother, John, enjoys finding and photographing Pica.  On this trip, we were determined to find some of these little critters and make some photographs.  We went to a location just off of the parking area for Medicine Wheel, where pica have roamed for years.

Early on in our search, we heard pica calling from the rocky slope.  We eventually found one or two but they were a long way out.  I managed to make only one photograph and it was not great.  Through the viewfinder, I was just barely able to see the animal.  I had to rely on the surrounding rocks in order to make the transition from binoculars to the camera.

This image has been cropped significantly in order to bring separation between the pica and the surrounding landscape.

Hopefully, my next attempt to capture pica in digital form will be better.  I now see why John enjoys this challenge as much as he does.

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