Seasonal Highlights

2016 09 27 Fall Colors Along the Shoshone River Southwest of Cody Wyoming 088

Seasonal Highlights – I titled this image Seasonal Highlights because of the highlights within the photograph.  I was specifically drawn to the shadows around the trunks of the trees.  It is easy to see where the sun was in the sky by looking at the shadows.  In my mind’s eye, the shadowing in this image draws the eye into the image.  While selecting which images to use from this day of shooting, this one was a standout.  At first, I was not certain why, because the leaves on these trees are no more special than those of hundreds of other trees seen and photographed that day.  Then I realized that it was not the leaves that drew me to the image.  It was the shadows among the trunks.  Of course, the wonderful contrasting colors certainly help.

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