You Can’t See Me


You can’t see me – While walking on Pa-hay-okee Trail we saw this Tri-colored Heron in the reeds.  I was able to take a few photos from a distance.  Eventually, the bird flew to a more open space and would give me several minutes to get several good photos.

During a February trip to South Florida with friends that included day trips to Everglades National Park, we took advantage of the opportunity to watch and photograph many of the resident birds.  Our time in the Everglades was memorable and the many photographs we came home with will keep that memory around for some time to come.

Pa-hay-okee Trail – Everglades National Park – Our last stop of the day was at another boardwalk that wound around through Mahogany trees and a lot more. After clearing the hammock we came upon a Tricolored Heron who gave me plenty of good looks. I managed to make 71 photos of this fellow, but don’t worry not all were saved.

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