Cinnamon Colored
Black Bear
National Park


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Photo by Connie Madia

Our Mission at Frank Madia Photography

To present our natural world and historical sites in such a way as to illustrate, educate, inform, and inspire visitors to this site to become or remain good stewards of the environment and to help spread the word to family and friends.

There are many organizations around the United States and the world dedicated to the conservation of our natural resources. If you find my website the least bit inspiring and you would like to help in the protection of all wild places, I would encourage you to take a look at these organizations and see if the missions of any align with your interests. At a minimum, they will help anyone interested in conservation find ways to physically help the effort. For those with the means, there may be organizations here where financial support can be directed. Of course, there is no obligation in looking. This list should not be considered as a complete list of worthy conservation groups. View it as a starting point to do good.

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